Valuation Of Non-Liquid Assets

During the divorce process, marital property (defined as that acquired during the marriage excluding inheritances and gifts) must be identified, valued and divided on an equitable basis. This includes financial accounts and retirement accountants, as well as non-liquid assets such as real estate, art, antiques and collectibles. For some couples, these non-liquid assets can comprise a significant portion of a marital estate.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce or have made the decision to divorce, you need an experienced legal advocate working to protect your rights and property.

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Experienced In Complex Divorce Cases

Attorney David S. Lipscomb has been representing people in divorce cases in the Atlanta area for decades. His experience includes cases involving high-asset couples and complex property valuation issues. Mr. Lipscomb is committed to protecting the rights and assets of his clients and ensuring that they receive the best possible property settlement.

Our law firm has relationships with real estate appraisers, art and antique dealers, and other specialists who can provide key insights into valuation issues. They can also provide testimony in support of their findings in cases where the valuation of a non-liquid asset is challenged by the other party.

Helping You Get Your Fair Share Of The Marital Estate

For people, the property settlement they receive will form the foundation of their finances for the foreseeable future. At The Law Offices of David S. Lipscomb, we are committed to protecting the rights of our clients so that they receive all that they deserve.

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